Witchcraft, Astrology & Magic
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What Does the Bible Say About . . . .



A growing number of people are becoming engrossed in various forms of Spiritualism, and its varied forms such as magic, astrology, sorcery and astrology.   From as apparently innocent sources such as Disney studios with all its animated withcraft and scorceries, to cartoons depicting the Smurf dad being a wizard, children are being drawn into the occult at an amazing speed.  The Ouija board, a game of communication with the dark spirit realm has now outstripped Monopoly as the leading board game.  A quick glance at games in a software shop will lead to the horrifying conclusion that most games involve wizards, witches, spells, violence, killing, and the outright presence of demonic spirits and characters.

Witches, as they used to be known, have taken on the guise of New Age channelers, acting as intermediaries and mediums between the spirit realm and the tangible world.  The higher levels of most secret societies such as the Masons, Illuminati and their front organizations, actively, and perhaps ignorantly, practice forms of demonic worship, preparing the world for the coming of Lucifer as the "light bearer," Satan, the beast from the Abyss as he attempts to impersonate Jesus Christ. The New World Order falls neatly into the plans of these organizations.

Astrology is everywhere today.  Millions of people follow the teachings of various astrologers. Many will not go to work in the morning unless they have read their horoscope in the morning paper. Tabloids are full of the predictions of various psychics which have a miserable success rate in their predictions of less than 5%.  A child could do better.

Soon after the Flood, and accelerating with Nimrod's empire at Babylon, teachings of various demonic agencies began to permeate culture and religion. These Babylonian mysteries were passed down from generation to generation and have arrived in today's society as strong as ever.  From ancient Babylon, the implements of spirit worship were passed on to Pergamum and then Rome where they remain in the hands of the Vatican (see list at end for sources of evidence for this).  God so detested the practices of demon worship through the various idolatrous religions that He brought Israel back to Canaan to wipe out the nations there because their cup of iniquity was full.   Pathetically, the Israelites were seduced by these gods and began worshipping them, even to the point of sacrificing their children to them.  How sad that God's image and plan for His people had become so distorted.  On account of their prostitution to these foreign gods, the Lord ended up punishing the Israelites and uprooting them from the Land. In a modern parallel, as mankind continues to worship idols of various forms through channelers, astrologers and false prophets, God again will uproot and cleanse the world. For the world's cup of iniquity has just about  full.

To really understand the attitude with which God views these practices, a compilation of all the texts in the Bible pertaining to these subjects was done.

In the stories involving astrologers, wise men and magicians, note that they were unable to absolutely tell the future. Only God can do so, and He was glorified and honored in every case. Watch for this contrast as you study.

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