Plagues, Famines & Earthquakes
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The subject of Plagues, Famines and Earthquakes is not exactly the most pleasant topic to study. In fact, without a good understanding of salvation through Jesus Christ and of the grace of God, the study of God's judgments may leave one depressed and dismayed. Why study it then?

As we draw closer to the end of time and the fulfillment of the seven trumpets (plagues) of Revelation 8-11 and the seven last plagues of Revelation 15 and 16, it is imperative that Christians gain an understanding of what these are. Why are they coming upon the earth? Are the plagues going to be literally or symbolically fulfilled? Will there be a distinction between God's people and those following the devil? If so, then what does God require that His people do to avoid them?

In this collection of all the texts in the Bible regarding plagues, famines, earthquakes, etc., you will find a striking combination. There are four manifestations, commonly used by God for executing judgment upon people who reject Him and His commands. These four are: the sword, famine, wild beasts and plague (see Ezek. 14:21). These are repeated over and over and are also mentioned in conjunction with the plagues of Revelation. Wild beasts refer to much more than what we traditionally think of. The term in Scripture includes locusts, grasshoppers, hornets, bees, flies, frogs, dogs, lions, birds, etc. Anything that could be considered animal life as opposed to plant life. Note also the conditionality of the judgments and the requirements for avoiding them. Look closely for these as you study.

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