Second Coming of Jesus Christ
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The broad sweep of the Bible covers from the transgression of Adam (bringing sin into the world), to the efforts of God to bring man back into an abiding relationship with Himself.  The culmination of that restoration is the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, when the righteous dead will be resurrected to life, to live forever with God as His people.  This has been the hope of millions over the millenia since Adam's sin, to be restored to a face to face relationship, and to no longer be susceptible to the cruelties of the devil and his followers.

For the wicked though -- those who have chosen to reject God's love and to disobey His commandments in rebellion against Him -- the Day of the Lord, as the Second Coming is frequently called in the Old Testament, is anything but pleasant.  It's incredible terror as the wicked are destroyed by the brightness of God's coming and by the armies of heaven.

The alternating yet consistent portrayals of both God's wrath and redeeming love and eternal salvation for those who love Him is clearly presented in the Bible.

Following is a fairly complete look at the Second Coming with some mention of the "wrath" perspective.  For a much more detailed look at that aspect, see the compilation on Judgment and the Day of the Lord.

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