Homosexuality, Adultery & Other Sexual Sins
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When God created the world, He established two institutions that continued after Mankind sinned. One was the Sabbath, a memorial of creation. The other was the marriage relationship between a husband and wife. Humans were created in the image of God, and they were given a power, that of procreation, that the angels did not have. The union of husband and wife, through sexual intercourse, made them one.

"A man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh. " (Gen. 2:23, 24)

Satan, in his hatred for God, has done his best to distort and destroy both of the institutions that God had instituted. To destroy the holy marriage relationship, Satan encouraged people to engage in any form of sexual immorality that would pervert what God had created to be beautiful. This included adultery (sex between a man and woman that are not married, incest (sex between close family members, either by blood or marriage), homosexual encounters (sex between members of the same sex), sex with animals, easy divorce, rape and others, all damaging to the institutions of marriage and the family. To encourage this debasement, demonic agencies in their attempt to be worshipped through various pagan religions, encouraged sexually immoral acts (including heterosexual and homosexual prostitution) as part of idol worship.

In the worship of Ishtar (originally pronounced Easter). fetuses aborted from pregnancies brought about through these "acts of worship" were offered to the goddess. Often when a pagan nation conquered another, they ripped open the pregnant women to offer their fetuses to their god. Baby sons and daughters were offered to the god, Molech, being burned or passing through the fire while loud banging music covered the cries of the babes. God decried and detested all such practices. They were an abomination to Him.

When the Lord brought the Israelites into Canaan, He repeatedly gave clear warnings to stay away from such detestable practices. The "perfect" Ten Commandments specifically outlawed worshipping other gods, bowing down to idols, and committing adulterous acts. God knew that His people, whom he had chosen as His "wife" would "prostitute" themselves to other gods. He knew that they would engage in various detestable forms of sexual immorality as a result of worshipping these other gods. He commanded the Israelites to completely destroy the wicked people of Canaan so that the Israelites would not be led into idolatry. This they failed to do, and subsequently, they succumbed to these idolatrous religions and openly practiced immorality even in God's temple and courtyard.

Especially heinous in God's sight is homosexuality, even more so than prostitution. Why? Because man in particular was created in God's express image. By successfully causing men to debase each other, Satan laughs all the more at God. In two compelling stories, one regarding Sodom and Gomorrah, and the second involving Gibeah, a city of the tribe of Benjamin (see Judges 19, 20), men attempted to have sex with out-of-town male visitors. As a consequence, God directed the annihilation of these men, their supporters, towns and region, "that the evil would be done away with."

More and more individuals and churches are struggling with these issues today in the face of an increasingly promiscuous society and politically active gay community. After watching one "gay rights" demonstration on CNN TV, I was reminded of Psalms 11:8,

"The wicked freely strut about when what is vile is honored among men."

To enable churches and Christians to address these issues from a position of Bible knowledge and to help reveal and clarify God's position on sins of a sexual nature, I have compiled all the verses in the Bible pertaining to these subjects in this compilation.

The compiled verses are split into two parts. Part I addresses sexual sins as they pertain to men, women and beasts. Part II addresses prostitution as a nation might do in pursuing gods other than the Lord God. There will be some minor repetition between the two sections. The reader should be aware that the comparisons are quite graphic since God does not mince words. Let the Holy Spirit guide you as you study these important topics.

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