Jewelry, Makeup & Other Adornments
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Since the beginning of time, men and women have sought to enhance their appearance through the use of jewelry, makeup, ornamented clothing and other adornments. Looking at ancient art found in the tombs and other buildings of various kingdoms and especially that of Egypt, one can see that the use of gold and paint was commonplace. Ornaments sometimes symbolized wealth or favor, or were worn as amulets by pagans.

There has been some controversy in various Christian churches today over whether or not the use of jewelry or makeup is appropriate for Christians. Especially as our culture has dropped most of its taboos against its use and even advocates it. It is rare to see a women today in the United States that is not wearing earrings or some other pieces of jewelry. Ironically, in the above mentioned controversy, the issues of fancy clothing or other costly things are usually left out of the discussion.

In an attempt to resolve this issue, I used a computer to compile all the verses in the Bible that deal with the subject of jewelry, makeup and other adornments. Most of the texts apply to people, and some texts are as God uses adornments in His earthly temple and the New Jerusalem.

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