Sabbath & the Lord's Day
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The Sabbath has always been a intriguing and uplifting source of Bible study to many.  The Sabbath day was initiated by God on the seventh day of Creation as a memorial of His creative powers.  He reinforced it to His people by its inclusion in the Ten Commandments. The Sabbath day is a day of rest and worship that will continue to be observed in Heaven (see Isaiah 66:22 and 23). 

Yet there has been some controversy as to whether the requirement to observe the Sabbath day as a day of rest is still relevant given that many feel that the Ten Commandments were done away with at the cross.  A similar viewpoint was that grace did away with the commandments, i.e. the law.  Others argue that the Sabbath was just for the Jewish people and doesn't apply to Gentiles.  Are any of these arguments valid?  If not, then how and when did most Christianity begin worshipping on Sunday rather than on Sabbath?

In the search for truth regarding this important topic, I compiled all the texts in the Bible related to the subject by using a computer to search for words that I felt are relevant or of interest to the genuine seeker for truth. These words or terms are listed below.

Two items should be noted. First, the term "Sabbath" is used for more than just the seventh day of the week. It also refers to:

1) special days within an appointed festival,
2) the seventh year of a seven year cycle,
3) the Jubilee year (50th year at the end of a 49 year cycle).

The general term "Sabbath" meant a God-designated time of rest, a cessation of regular work.

Secondly, in the Bible, a day was considered as extending from evening to evening. This was instituted at Creation. In the Genesis account, we find the terms "And there was evening, and there was morning, the (first, second, third, etc.) day." (See Genesis chapter 1).

This compilation also has extensive commentary available.

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Full Compilation:  Approx 132k.  The compilation will show in your browser almost immediately, but due to its length, it may take around 80 seconds at a 14.4k connection to download in its entirety before you can print it out.  If you know what you are looking for in the compilation, use your browser's Find (Ctrl-f)) feature to search for a particular word or character string.