Surprising Discoveries
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If you thought evolution was a fact, and that the fabulous stories of the Bible were just fables, than examine the facts and photographs for each section below:

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Satellite Photo of Noah's Ark Noah's ark was rediscovered and confirmed to the satisfaction of the Turkish government.  515 feet long, and an estimated 32,000 tons.  Mostly buried in mud, a miraculous earthquake exposed it for the world to see. Click here.
Solomon's Memorial of the Red Sea Crossing The Red Sea crossing some claim to be through the shallow Sea of Reeds.   No!  The actual crossing was across the Gulf of Aquaba on an underwater land bridge from the Sinai peninsula to Saudi Arabia.  Nearly a 1,000 feet below sea level!  Learn the secret of how the Israelites could walk through that channel!  Click here
Saudi Fence Surrounding Mt. Sinai It's just a step further and one can see the split rock at Horeb from which water poured.  And just a little further is sacred Mt. Sinai.  The 12 pillars, the altar of idolatry, the blackened top of the Mount where the consuming fire of God came down.  Saudi Arabia has built a fence around it with and put in place guards to keep visitors out.   You can see it here without the risk of imprisonment. Click here
Sign Pointing Towards Mt. Sodom The infamous legendary cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.  Drowned beneath the Red Sea or sunk into the ground by liquefaction?  No!  Out in the open.   Huge houses and city walls are still standing in many places.  Totally turned to ash!  Yet the entire cities are covered with sulfur balls, millions of them.  Click here
View of Face of Cherubim of Ark And the ultimate finds.  The Ark of the Covenant and the crucifixion site.  Yes!  They are related and connected.  The Israeli government has kept the lid on this one for many years, but the time is NOW!  Also, Jesus' genetic composition.  Would one expect it to be different from you and me as He came of a virgin birth?  Learn the startling facts! Click here
He is Not Here.  He is Risen See the tomb where Jesus lay.  Had been speculated.  Now proved.   See the compelling evidence.  Click here

Did the above info whet your appetite?  Click here for more online resources on the above, information on the archeologists and authors who discovered the above, and where you can order more information

Photos copyrighted by MindVision Interactive Pty Ltd., Adelaide, South Australia and Jonathan Gray.