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Interesting Animated Presentations - Flash Presentations with music
* The Lord's Prayer 
* Every Eye Shall See Him
* Tribute to the Victims of the World Trade Center


Thoughts on the Harry Potter series.  Are these books really harmless?


Is the use of "Christian" cuss words okay?  Words such as gosh, darn or jeez seem to be increasing among Christians.  Are these okay to use? (another article)


Support for authenticity of book of Matthew comes from an unlikely place.  Conservative Christians, including this site, have always believed in the authenticity of scripture and its stated authors.  However, there are those who have doubted and made other preposterous claims.  Here is an interesting article to strengthen our confidence in scripture: 

bullet  Left Behind - Is this True?  Is the concept of a quiet rapture, followed by a time of opportunity for repentance really true?
bulletSigns of the Times  Focuses on thought-provoking and relevant issues to today's world.
bulletOnline Bible Studies - links to 3 popular sites.

Other sites that may be helpful to students of the Bible include (Please note that BiblePlus does not have any direct affiliation with these): LifeStyle Magazine
The Voice of Prophecy It Is Written
Statement of Beliefs