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On-Line Bible Studies

Besides the extensive Bible verse compilations that are the feature of this site, we've searched the Internet for the best in other on-line Bible studies and recommend the following:  Before you click on them, make sure you bookmark this site or add this site to your list of favorites.

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Amazing Facts Bible Studies

Amazing Facts Lesson 1 Lesson 1:  Is There Anything LEFT You Can Trust? 
In these perplexing days--when trusted, famed spiritual leaders have proven base; when safe places for investments are rare; when lying almost seems to be the norm in politics; when highest officials cannot solve the national debt problem; when pornography is protected by law; when our justice system is no longer just; when those you trust the most, often hurt you the worst--is there anything left you can trust? Yes, indeed, you can fully trust God's written word--the Bible. Let's look at the evidence.

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