The Role of Parasites in Cancer
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The Role of Parasites, Solvents, Metals and Aflatoxin in Cancer - and Overcoming It.

In Hulda Clark's book Cure for Cancer, she expounds on the concept that many (she claims "all") Cancers or AIDS conditions begin when the body is attacked by a combination of factors.

These include the presence of: 

  1. Various flukes and their developmental stages.
  2. Solvents in body, chiefly Isopropyl Alcohol (Isopropanol) for cancer and Benzene for AIDS
  3. Heavy metals such as mercury, lead, or silver.  
  4. Aflatoxin (similar to the mold on bread and grains).

In her research, which often corroborates what other researchers have done, she discovered that in all the subjects that she tested, the above factors were found in the organs that were deemed cancerous and in the liver (the purifying organ of the body).

In a nutshell, it is not usual for various parasites including the human intestinal fluke, the sheep fluke, the liver fluke, the pancreatic fluke, etc. to be taken into the body due to the presence of their eggs on the foods we eat.  This comes predominantly from meat that has not been cooked thoroughly (esp. pork), or vegetables grown in water (such as water chestnuts), or exposure to the feces of animals (ofttimes pets) carrying the flukes.  As long as these flukes stay in the intestine, not much harm is done to the body.  Eggs released by the flukes go into the sewage system or other venue, where the reproductive cycle of the flukes takes place outside the human body.  However, if due to a series of events, the eggs of the flukes are absorbed into the body, and begin their developmental process within the human tissues, nasty things can happen.  Part of the process involves the early stages being encased in a hard shell.

The presence of the solvent Isopropanol causes this hard shell to dissolve and the resulting fluke stages end up in the liver, where the flukes grow and reproduce.

Hulda's cure involved removing the factors that combine to cause the body to be cancerous.  

  1. Kill and remove all parasites and their developmental stages within the body (the formula follows below).
  2. Discontinue the use of any product that contain isopropanol and anything that contains an ingredient that starts with the letters: "isoprop" (this includes: rubbing alcohol, perfumes and aftershaves, most shampoos, etc.)
  3. Discontinue the use of highly processed foods such as cereals which often have been processed with solvents.
  4. Discontinue the use of any products containing metals such as underarm antiperspirant, and most cosmetics.  Strongly consider removing any amalgams (mercury based dental fillings) and replacing them with composite fillings.  If a job results in exposure to metals such as tin and lead at an electronics assembly shop, inhaling fumes from ships having lead based paint burned off, etc. move to another job and/or location.

The parasite killing program consists of three components: 

  1. Black Walnut Hull tincture (made from the green hull of the black walnut)
  2. Wormwood capsules (yes the name of the herb comes from it's worm killing properties)
  3. Fresh ground Cloves (powders in capsules)

Hulda tested and lists a number of sources of the above in her book.  For convenience sake, one source she recommended for all three and that I used is

Hanna's Herb Shop
5684 Valmont Rd.
Boulder, CO 80301

Phone:  800-206-6722

Click here for the Parasite Elimination/Killing Program

My 42 year old anesthesiologist cousin has fought off and on with Hodgkin's Lymphoma for the past 10 years.  He has used the above methodology in combination with other treatments to keep the cancer at bay.  The other methods he's used include: radiation therapy, chemotherapy, an ultra-healthy lifestyle and the other methods listed in this section of the website.  His tenacity in living for his wife and three younger children have kept him open minded and willing to try various reasonable methods.  After a very close brush with death, he recently had his amalgam fillings replaced with composite fillings.  He is also trying a method of oxygenating the blood.  Both of these has contributed to a rallying of his body and he is doing much better as of the time of this writing.