Cancer and AIDS related issues
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Cancer is a particularly devastating disease as it is a slow insidious process whereby one's body is attacked by rapidly multiplying cells.  These cells may have started out normal, but somewhere they have lost their correct God-programmed function and the multiplication got out of hand.

We don't claim to be cancer experts, and in reading a fair amount of literature, including some of that posted as a courtesy here, we doubt that any of the authors are 100% correct in their claims.  Nevertheless, the "cures" as the proponents claim, may be beneficial to those struggling with a variety of types of cancer and if I for one had cancer, I would certainly give these suggestions a try. Not to mention that healthcare and Obamacare exemptions have changed, and for the better I might add.

bulletCancer and AIDS Hope Reborn - Cancer, AIDS, leukemia, prostrate problems, ulcers and more. This herbal blend restored the health of 5 AIDS patients in LA when 174 other AIDS patients receiving conventional AZT therapy all died.  It has helped many Cancer patients totally recover from the disease, even when all hope seemed gone.
bulletRaw Food Treatment of Cancer and other Diseases - Raw food is live food as far as enzyme activity is concerned. Live enzymes can help overcome or minimize the effects of cancer. Here is an eye-opening report from a doctor that started an institute to help cure cancer using the power of raw foods.
bulletThe Role of Parasites, Solvents, Metals and Aflatoxin in Cancer - and Overcoming It.  Many sufferers of Cancer and AIDS have parasites that reproduce extensively in their bodies due the co-presence of isopropanols or benzene, toxic metals, and aflatoxin.  Through off the parasites, remove the solvents and toxic metals and the body begins the healing process.