Countdown to The End and Eternity

Articles and papers

bulletTorrential rains, a fulfillment of the word of God, signs of His tears over what He is about to do.
bulletSequence of Events of the End
bulletThe Harbinger - Synopsis and Commentary
bulletThe market crash of 2015 (a sabbatical year), understanding the God-effect, a continuation of 2001 and 2008.
bulletTwo Red Lines Crossed
bulletWhat happened at the 2015 General Conference of SDAs in San Antonio?
bullet Women as Pastors (changes to the church Manual and the 28 Fundamental Beliefs
bulletDemoting Ellen White as an authoritative messenger of the Lord
bulletUnderstanding Women's Ordination and why it is a major red line.
bulletThe Sabbath to be taken away from those who hold onto perverse doctrine
bulletThe Importance of Forgiveness
bulletHow to Truly Repent and Prepare for the Seal of God
bulletPreparing for the Sealing
bulletQuick Summary - How to be Clean (for the Holy Spirit to fill you)
bulletIslam and the Prophecies of Revelation

Messages through the Lord's messenger Earnest Ray Knoll

bulletMessages from God for His People (4MB) As of this date, there have been more than 70 public messages, some short, others quite lengthy. The pdf is searchable.

While not written by Knoll, the following book answers the arguments and allegations of the critics to the Lord's messages:

bulletThe Truth, Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth

Books by the Lord's messenger Ellen G. White

bulletPatriarchs and Prophets
bulletProphets and Kings
bulletDesire of Ages
bulletActs of the Apostles
bulletGreat Controversy
bulletCountry Living

Additional Scriptures of Jesusí Time

bulletThe Book of Enoch
bulletCommentary: Is the Book of Enoch Genuine?
bulletThe Book of the Law and the Testimony