Countdown to The End and Eternity

Articles and papers

bulletWhat Comprises the Word of the LORD?
bulletWhat time is it?
bulletHow to decode time prophecies
bulletThe 1335-Day Mystery Solved?
bulletWhat time is it? (summary)
bulletWhat time is it? (detailed with references) - draft
bulletJubilee chart (6000+ years): both in multi-page format (for ease of reading)
bullet    In Year of the World - Anno Mundi dates: single page pdf, htm
bullet    In Gregorian Calendar dates: single page pdf, htm
bulletTorrential rains, a fulfillment of the word of God, signs of His tears over what He is about to do.
bulletThe Harbinger - Synopsis and Commentary
bulletRegarding Women’s Ordination in the Seventh-Day Adventist Church
bulletThe Importance of Forgiveness - La Importancia del Perdón
bulletHow to Truly Repent and Prepare for the Seal of God
bulletThe Word of God regarding the LGBT movement - Listen to mp3 version (24MB)
bulletQuick Summary - How to be Clean (for the Holy Spirit to fill you)
bulletIslam and the Prophecies of Revelation
bulletA Clarification Regarding the States of Those Who Die

A few of the Books by the Lord's messenger Ellen G. White

bulletPatriarchs and Prophets
bulletProphets and Kings
bulletDesire of Ages
bulletActs of the Apostles
bulletGreat Controversy
bulletCountry Living

Messages through the Lord's messenger Earnest Ray Knoll

bulletMessages from God for His People  As of this date, there have been 73 public messages, some short, others quite lengthy. The pdf is searchable. "Blessed Be the Ones Who Believe Before the Evidence Mounts."

While not written by Knoll, the following book answers the arguments and allegations of the critics to the Lord's messages and that may have questions about the messages:

bulletThe Truth, Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth

Additional Scriptures and Historical Books of Jesus’ Time

bulletThe Book of the Law and the Testimony (Jubilees)
bulletThe Book of Enoch
bulletCommentary: Is the Book of Enoch Genuine?
bulletThe First Book of Adam and Eve