Revelation's Sequence has begun!

To all our loved ones and visitors: it is with great anticipation and excitement to let you know that the events foretold in Revelation and via other prophets and messengers have begun.  The end of evil is in sight and the redeemed will be going to heaven within a few years. But not until a time of tremendous tumult and disasters come upon the earth (the great tribulation).

 I will be posting a number of articles that are of pertinent information for God's people via this page.  I will also keep track of events and prophecies that will let us know where we are along the path.

bulletThe 144,000 ("These who are they", "These are they") are being prepared.  Will you answer the call?  How to Repent
bulletI strongly recommend you read all the Dreams (targeted towards the 144,000) and the book Creeping Compromise in preparation for the end time events.  Start with my introduction to the dreams.


Important Doctrines to correction confusion

bullet The second death - A merciful death or justice served?
bulletUnconditional Love - Truth or Error? and others
bullet Principles of True Worship (dictated to me by God as I was preparing to teach a lesson.  I'm sure it is not all encompassing, but it enough to start)

Vials of God's wrath are already being poured out on the earth.  How to Repent

bulletHere's a message to my bible class at church.
bulletThe first event foretold as a vial being broken upon was on February 27, 2010 with the Great Chile Earthquake, the sixth largest on record.  The shift in the earth's crust resulted in the weather pattern changes that scientists attribute to El Niņo and La Niņa.  These are resulting in the higher temperature extremes and droughts in some parts of the world (e.g. Texas, Somalia) and the flooding and more extreme cold in other parts.  When the two mix such as in mid America, a large increase in the number of tornados is foretold.


bulletAnother large "vat" of God's wrath is about to be poured out over the whole world, resulting in additional devastation.  This message was given on July 16, 2011 and 40 days later, Hurricane Irene was recognized as going to hit the east coast.  This message also foretold that money placed in the stock market would be a gamble, a law would be passed making it more difficult to give to charity, and additional "natural disasters".  A horrific event is being foretold. See the message above.



When the sealing is complete, Jesus Christ throws down his censer and ends his intercessory ministry on behalf of the world.  The world must now face the Father without an intermediary.  Balls of fire (asteroids) will be hurled upon the earth.  Some will explode over cities leveling them.  Others will hit the ground, sending shockwaves rippling through the crust like waves on a pond.  Some will land in the sea creating enormous waves wiping out shipping and coastal cities.  Major destructions will occur. These are the first 4 Trumpets of battle found in Revelation chapter 8.

Satan will appear as the Christ.  He will come from the sky, with reverent music and dignified bearing, but he will touch down. He will claim to give the world a new command, to worship him on Sunday. He will travel the world healing sickness, but be unable to recreate missing limbs or heal bodily distortions like cleft-palettes (he is not the Creator).

Laws will be passed to force people to keep Sunday sacred.  This will be enforced by what will be known as a "National Day of Reverence" card.  Besides the usual identifying information and magnetic strip, the back of the card will read, "I agree to keep the National Day of Reverence holy" along with the person's signature.  Anyone without a signed card, which would be swiped at the time of the transaction, will not be able to buy or sell regardless of the method of payment.

Laws will be passed to incarcerate God's commandment keeping people and either force them to worship on this day or face death by beheading.  Many will be placed in death camps, similar to that used by the Germans in World War II.  Many will be martyred for their faith.  Their theme song will be "I surrender all".

The 144,000 are untouchable.  They are not subject to death, but are protected from any and all destruction.  They will minister to those are going to be martyred.  They heal people using the power of God.  These will remain as the only living believers at the time of Christ's second advent.

The martyrs are to be greatly honored.  After their resurrection, they will be sitting on thrones during the thousand years following Christ's coming, judging the wicked along with Jesus Christ, hading out to each wicked an appropriate sentence which is written against their names in the book of death.  These will be applied during the executionary phase of judgment at the second death.

To be continued.  Page in process.