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Two angels sent to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah

God stops Abraham from sacrificing his son, Isaac

Jacob dreams of a ladder to heaven

Moses and the burning bush

The mercy seat on the ark of the covenant is surrounded by cherubim

God sent an angel to bring Israel out of Egypt

Balaam meets an angel

The commander of the Lord's army meets with Joshua

An angel instructs Gideon

Samson's birth foretold

David seems as an angel of God to King Achish

A angel sent to afflict Israel because of David's sin

Elijah comforted by an angel

Sennacherib's army destroyed by an angel

David chooses punishment from God

The temple in Jerusalem is adorned with cherubim

The multitudes of heaven worship God

Satan was among the angels

It is possible for angels to error

The angels sang for joy at the earth's creation

Man made a little lower than heavenly beings

The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear him.

Manna called the bread of angels

Isaiah sees seraphs

Satan aspires to be like God

The four living creatures

An angel marks or seals those who fear God

The living creatures are cherubim

Satan was a guardian cherub in heaven

Ezekiel shown a temple built by God

God protects Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego

A holy one gives Nebuchadnezzar a vision

An angel protects Daniel in the lion's den

Hundreds of millions of angels surround the throne during judgment

Michael arises near the end of time

Zechariah's visions

The Lord rebukes Satan

The four spirits of heaven

God will come with His holy ones

An angel tells Joseph to marry Mary

Joseph, Mary and Jesus flee to Egypt

Angels will help harvest the earth

Jesus will return with his angels

Mankind in heaven will be like the angels

An angel rolls away the stone from Jesus' tomb

God's angels will gather His people

Gabriel appears to Zechariah and to Mary

Angels announce the birth of Jesus

The angels rejoice over the salvation of one sinner

An angel strengthens Jesus

An angel releases the apostles from prison

Stephen's Discourse

An angel directs Philip to the Ethiopian eunuch

An angel appears to Cornelius

Peter released from prison by an angel

The saints will judge fallen angels

Satan masquerades as an angel of light

The law was put into effect through angels

The Lord will descend with the voice of the archangel and trumpet

Jesus superior to the angels

Some have entertained angels without knowing it

God will not spare evil angels from hell

Test what spirits or angels say before you believe them

Do not slander celestial beings

Revelation is full of angels

Messages to the angels of the seven churches

The twenty four elders and the four creatures

The four creatures call forth horsemen

Angels hold back the winds of destruction

The seven trumpets

The three woes

The seventh trumpet

The red dragon

The 144,000 and the three angels' messages

A look ahead towards the harvest of the earth

The seven angels with the seven last plagues

The seven bowls of God's wrath

The woman on the beast from the abyss

Come out of Babylon!

The wedding supper of the Lamb

An angel binds Satan for a thousand years

An angel shows John the New Jerusalem

The river and tree of life


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