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From: "Loren and Ethel Price" <omega @>

Subject: Warning from God through Soo

Dear Friend,

I feel the need to open this message with prayer.

Father in heaven, I ask that You will send Your Holy Spirit to guide and enlighten our minds. You have promised to teach us. You have promised to pour out Your Holy Spirit upon all Your people and send dreams and visions in this last day. You have said You hide Your ways from the wise and reveal them to the simple. We know that we must have Your Spirit to help us to know truth. So we claim that Power, because You have promised. In the name and through the blood of Jesus Christ, our Saviour, Amen.

On Wednesday of last week, March 22, I received the following communication from Soo through a friend's email. The angel Jonathan gave Soo a message in a dream on March 20, and instructed her to pass it to us to be sent out.

I have just this week, Sunday, March 26, talked to Soo with Loren listening on the speaker phone. It was important to me to verify the details of this dream with her. I read each line to her and she said "yes" to each line. She also said that she did not understand what some of the words meant, so I went over them with her - such as the "so-called modern themes" and that "God never changes." She said God helped her to remember the words even though she did not know what some of them mean. I asked her very clearly if her friend that helped her write this message gave her any of the words or if all of the words were from the angel. She said that her friend did not give her any words - all the words were those of the angel.

We are sending this out because we know Soo. We have seen her learn, grow, and mature. We pray together. We have the testimony of Pastor Sammy and others that she is honest and sincere in heart - and we have witnessed her baptism into the Seventh-day Adventist church. Soo has continued to study her faith and persevere in finishing the translations of the books the angel told her to do before. There are just the last 7 chapters of the Great Controversy to complete.

Soo is even now preparing to return, at the end of this week, to Laos and seek governmental permission to build an orphanage. She says, "Thank you for your help, and God bless you, and everyone who donates. Keep me in your prayers, especially the approval of the Communist government for the Orphanage."

Soo also said to give you 1 Peter 3:21. She said this is the verse that helped her understand that she needed to be baptized again after she studied and understood the "27 doctrines."

This message is sent out with the full understanding of its import - not just in the message, but that it places Soo in a different category of "messenger" than her previous conversion experience. The Omega Project Ministries willingly and prayerfully takes on the privilege of sending out this message as the angel directed Soo.

We have contacted Pastor Sammy Lee in Australia with this dream and his email comments follow the angel's message.

The reference to Queensland is the category five cyclone (equivalent to hurricane category five) a week ago on Sunday our time.

May God bless you and draw you to search your heart, and prepare for the coming storm. Praise God - the Bridegroom cometh!

In His love and for His kingdom, Ethel and Loren, Bill and Venie, and Max

The message from Soo follows:

20/3/2006 "I Received"


What has happened in Queensland is just the beginning of what is to come upon Australia.

The people here call themselves a "Christian Nation", which is far from the truth. They allow homosexuality to be acceptable and the "in thing". So God will bring trouble on this nation. Sport is the "Church" and the Bible of this nation. The so-called leaders of this nation have become agents for Satan, as well as the leaders of the Churches.

Some ministers and members in the S.D.A. Church are agents of Satan. The time will be short for these people. They have allowed so-called modern themes to come into the Church under the guise of "we have to keep up with the times". God never changes, no matter what the times are. God's people are then left in darkness so that their hearts become hard and cold, instead of rejoicing in the word of God, and introducing new people to know the word of the Lord.

So the Lord is slowly releasing the Angels that are holding back the winds of trouble.

America is also not forgotten; trouble will come to them this year.

Persecution will wake up those who are sleeping. The Lord's people are in every denomination, and when the time comes they will come out of them, and the Lord uses the lowly people in life to carry His message to the world.

May God Bless you Sister & Elder Price,

Love Soo


From Pastor Sammy Lee in Australia

Dear Ethel,

Good afternoon here and must be good evening over on the other side of the globe!

I have no doubt that the dream Soo had was genuine. I told her on the day she was baptized that although her baptism is only of one soul in the smallest of the SDA churches in Australia, I believe that it has a great meaning to the angels in heaven.

Isn't that interesting that for five years she had no communication at all from the angel, and then suddenly just two days after she was rebaptized she received that dream.

I can assure you that Soo doesn't have any knowledge nor interest at all about the sports in Australia, and neither do I. But what she said is true.

The Commonwealth Games which ended Sunday evening, the 26th of March 2006 was considered as the best achievements of the Australian idols. It boost the pride of the Australians to the peak of the seventh heaven, if there is such a thing, as they celebrated the collection of 221 medals, 84 of them gold!

It is an undeniable fact that the SCG and MCG and the stadiums of these two cities, who are always in rivalry, have been the venues of jubilations for the majority of the Australians as they flocked by the tens of thousands in every event, while millions others glued their eyes to their TV sets.

I doubt any evangelist, no exception Billy Graham, will be able to draw such a crowd. Many of them queued for hours before the opening of the gates, and in fact some of them camped over night near the gates before the opening of Finals when they have Football and Cricket Matches. The last Commonwealth Games was considered as the best as the result of pouring millions of dollars for the events preparation.

Besides when we think about the thousands of Australians who lost their jobs and have to live on handouts by the Social Security Department, while at the same time those athletes receive millions of dollars per annum from the money gambled by the rest of the population, I think the words of the angel to Soo is really very timely and accurate.

Why Soo? some may asked. I tell you why: if there are a dozen of people like Soo in my church, I would be ready any time to hold an evangelistic effort anywhere, whether on the street or Auditorium, and I am sure I can shake the city of Sydney and turn it upside down!

I am sure in this case God is bypassing our leaders and members in this church, and is using the least of the despised lay members like Soo to shame us all for not having the thirst for God's Word and trust on God's power.

I asked Soo the other day if she is afraid about going to Laos. She replied, "Pastor, I am not afraid of anything, except the hindrance from the SDA Church leaders and members who are not fully converted. There are some of them who are not really God's people but full of jealousy and greedy of gains. (I am polishing her words a little, but that is exactly what she meant.)

I know this happened in several churches while Soo was giving testimonies.

People thought that Soo was after monetary gain or fame. I can assure you that I expect to see this attitude the last in Soo of all people that I know. I can't even say that I can beat her in her sincerity to witness and apply what she has learned about the truth and health principles. Soo just cannot hear somebody sick without suggesting to apply the health principles and prayer that she has learned.

I can conclude that unless we have the same Spirit as the One who moves Soo, we are but a bunch of dead preachers, delivering dead sermons to dead people who will be as dead as ourselves.

Noah was commanded by God to multiply and fill the earth with his seed after the flood with the help of the Holy Spirit who failed to convict the world in 120 years prior to the destruction. If we are lead by the same Spirit today just before the final destruction of the world, we might be able to see some sincere souls before it is too late.

I hope this have moved all of you, as it has myself.

God bless you, and see you under the canopy of the trees of life in New Jerusalem very soon!

With my sincere prayers and lots of love.

Sammy Lee



Too much is happening to do only one email a week! So if you haven't heard - RIGHT NOW cyclone Glenda is ready to hit Australia - see the following link:

And if you missed Cyclone Larry from last week, the following link shows that one, with the bottom link talking about both Larry and Glenda!


This is a WOW kind of day for us. Guess who we received a letter from?  Soo's "god-sister" Suriporn Sirivongsack!!  We were really surprised.  She wrote to get Soo's address as she has lost touch with Soo since Uchee Pines.

Suri told us that she was very defensive about Soo's testimony when Soo stayed with her and couldn't understand why Soo would leave her native religion. Suri was Buddhist.

BUT GUESS WHAT???? The Spirit of the Lord continued to work - hard - with Suri and now SHE IS ALSO a Christian. This letter is her first testimony and she said God had put a fire in her to tell her story! Soo didn't even know yet, but I just called her tonight as she leaves for Laos tomorrow. She was so happy she was crying!

We will type in Suri's letter and put it on the website as soon as we can.

By the way - Suri also says the end time is near - near!

The rocks are crying out - how long will we sit in unbelief, disbelief, and skepticism, saying only - we will wait and see? Jesus is coming soon!

There is one phrase that comes to mind for those that refuse to see the signs of the times - the summer is over, the harvest is past, and we are not saved.

Oh dear friend, may not one of us have to say those words! Fill my cup, Lord, fill it up with Your Holy Spirit!


Several churches I know are doing a 10 day period of searching, confessing, praying, praising, and making things right, at the start of this quarter's study on the Holy Spirit. Join us.

Daniel and his friends asked for just 10 days trial of "pulse" (beans, etc.) and vegetables, fruit, water - then were visibly healthier and smarter than the rest that ate the king's junk food, meat, pastries, wine, etc. I'd say they were also filled with the Holy Spirit as was evidenced by Daniel and the other three Hebrew's STRONG STAND for truth and ability to intercede with God.

So why don't we get rid of mental junk food (TV, radio, games, magazines, newspapers), spiritual junk food (in my personal estimation most everything

- no matter how good - but the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy - get to the meat, folks, during this time), and physical junk food (already stated) and get serious about seeking the Lord and the outpouring of POWER from the Holy Spirit in these 10 days?

Also, read the fourth chapter of Acts of the Apostles to see how they occupied their time during their 10 days between the time Jesus ascended and the Holy Spirit descended.

Ask God to be your teacher!


Thank you for letting me sneak into your email box once more this week. God bless you in all you do.

Love in Christ, Ethel - and Loren!

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Editor's comments:  The prior version of this page suggested that the US would be hit with more hurricanes in 2006.  That did not happen.  In reviewing the original message from Soo, she simply stated that the "America is also not forgotten; trouble will come to them this year."  The trouble was not defined.  Looking back from an early 2007 perspective, the trouble could be the change in political focus in the November elections, weather or man-made disasters (which were pretty limited in 2006) or the Iraq conflict (which continued to expand into civil war).