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Conversations with an Angel (contemporary)

While getting ready to come from Australia to the United States on vacation in October, 2000, Soophaphone (Soo) Sirivongsack, originally from Laos, was visited by an angel of God, bringing her the message of salvation. Soo had breast cancer that had spread to her liver and was inoperable. The angel spent about an hour teaching and guiding Soo as she had not heard of Jesus Christ before.

He told her that Jesus was coming back soon, which church was God's true end-time church, had her write down the names of a number of evangelists to meet who could explain the Bible and the way of God more plainly for her, gave her a job to translate a number of works into her native Laotian tongue, and finally, healed her completely of her cancer.

The angel appeared again to her several more times before he stated his work with her was complete and to depend on Jesus.

Soo spent a number of months around the United States, staying with different people. Her English was very poor and before this interview with Jim Doss, special prayer "loosed her tongue" and she was enabled to speak much more clearly. In the interview, Soo shares what the angel shared with her. She has also met with the evangelists and God has worked through her in bringing another Buddhist to the Lord this summer of 2004. She is accomplishing the tasks outlined to her including the translation work.

We have posted here (via the first column), an online video and audio file of that interview with Jim Doss.  Loren & Ethel Price spoke to Soo by phone and then spent several days with her, confirming and expanding on what she shares here. An online video as well as audio of that interview can be viewed or listened to via the links in the middle column.

You can also read an article from Ethel Price on her visit with Soo reviewing what is contained in the videos:

bulletweb page - single column, ~4 pages

Interview in April of 2004.

Online Video

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You can also listen in streaming format or download this audio file to your hard drive, and play it in any mp3 player.  You may also convert the file to stereo .wav format and burn an audio CD of it as well that you can listen while driving or doing other things.

A more recent interview 10-26-04.  Mentions some big trouble coming in 2005.  No peace.  Men in government with the intent of doing good things will end up doing evil things.  Coming of the Sunday Law.

Online Video

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Notes & Tips: Soo's English may a bit difficult to understand, so Ethel has created an article which is a good synopsis of what Soo shared.  In Ethel's interview, she feeds back to Soo what they had discussed over a number of phone calls and earlier conversations, to make sure she understands and to make it easier for the viewer to get the details.

At this time, we have only a Windows media version (wmv) of the video as well as a high quality mp3 of the audio portion.  If you don't have this, run Windows update to download the latest version.

Click on a link to play directly in streaming format, or right-click on the link and Save Target As to save the file to your hard drive.  The files are rather large and will take a while to download.  A high speed connection is recommended.  

If you are so inclined, you may burn the higher resolution .wmv files onto a CD and share it with your friends.


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bulletAn update as of 3-30-06 (read the earlier mentioned article first)

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