Various Identification Schemes

It's a well known fact that when a dictator takes over nation, profiling of a nation's citizens are done.  This is done to determine who are opposed to going along with the new dictator or his philosophies.  Then, those opposed to the regime are systematically tracked down and imprisoned or "exterminated".

This took place within our century by Adolph Hitler in Germany, as well as Stalin in Russia.  Pol Pot's regime attempted to exterminate all intellectuals, trying to return to an agrarian society of slaves to the leaders.  The Germans maintained accurate lists of those they wanted to destroy and when laws were passed "outlawing" Jews, Christians and varous "undesireables", the roundup quickly began.

There is a relentless movement afoot at the moment to identify, categorize and profile the people of the world.  Much of this effort stems from "financial" and government entities.  The various forms this can take include:

bulletAn Implanted ID Chip
bulletNational Health ID Card
bulletThe Driver's License/ID Card
bulletRetinal Scans
bulletFacial Feature Scans
bulletFingerprint Scans
bulletInvisible Bar Codes

Recent proposed regulations provides a more active framework where your finances can be seized upon suspicion rather than due process of law:  Financial Profiling Makes Your Bank a Snoop

Let's review these for those not familiar with them.

Remember that once a government issues you a card or ID, it has the right to stop you at any time to verify the contents of that card or ID.

National Health ID Card - Hillary Clinton and Company first proposed a National ID Card scheme to insure that everyone could have access to medical care.   Wisely the legislators voted this down as it would be far to expensive.   Privacy issues were raised as well.  Legislation aside, a trial was rolled out in three cities, Bismarck, North Dakota; Cheyenne, Wyoming; and Reno, Nevada.  For more details, click here.

The Driver's License/ID Card concept is commonly used in much of the rest of the world.   Recently an effort by the National Traffice and Safety Administration to implement a such new card was inundated by feedback from concerned citizens, causing Congress to defund that portion of its budget.  However, as with the Heatlh ID Card, efforts will continue to move forward with this card.  Click here for more details.

Retinal Scans - The Retina of the Eye contains many unique features to an individual, similar to a fingerprint.   Work is being done to identify users at points of transaction such as an ATM or grocery store check out stand via retinal scans.

Facial Feature Scans - Systems are now being installed and given a trial run at computers being able to pick out a face belonging to a "wanted criminal" from a crowd of people.  Useful for identifying people as they pass through a doorway, they commonly look at the features directly surrounding the eyes as being the most consistent.  Click here for more details.

Fingerprint Scans - These are becoming more prevalent as security measures for companies and areas where security is desired.   In some IRS offices, a person cannot enter without first giving up his or her thumbprint as an ID.  That ID is then compared vs. a national database.  The use of a fingerprint, generally a thumbprint on Driver's Licenses and other forms of ID is rapidly growing.  Naturally, it is the hope of regulators to have thumbprints of all its citizens in a national database for law enforcement usage.  In many banks, if you are not a customer, you cannot cash a check without giving up your thumbprint.   Refusing to give a thumbprint may be grounds for a bank to refuse to cash a check and call the police, even if you have provided other ID such as a driver's license.

Invisible Bar Codes - Bar codes of this nature have been used for years to identify fingerling salmon and other fish.   In short, a quick burst of laser light tatoos a bar code onto the surface of the item or person to be identified.  Invisible under normal lighting, the bar code is easily read by scanners.  On Oct. 18, 1998 while this author was teaching a class on the mark of the beast, a student related that a friend who worked at a grocery store had served a customer several weeks earlier who after she gave him the total, ran his hand over the scanner, entering his identification information and completing the transaction.   He smiled and said it was "experimental". 
     Ironically, the most common bar codes, known as UPC symbols and commonly found on most grocery store items, are constructed around a trio of 6 sets of elements (666).  When Colonol Bo Gritz (a U.S. Presidential contender) was investigating why this was, the developers stated that they could have used any trio of numbers, but chose the trio of 6.  This conceivably could fulfill part of the prophecy for a mark of 666 on the hand or forehead (i.e. areas that are not generally covered).

An Implanted ID Chip - While unfamiliar to many, the ID Chip has been used for several years for animals, especially dog and cats even being required in some countries.  Usage of chips in people for tracking purposes and potentially for financial purposes is going through experimental and developmental phases. VeriChip's rice grain sized RFID devices are already being implanted in humans for security purposes and access to databases of information regarding that person including medical records.  How long before it turns to financial control and thus control of the conscience?  In New York City in October 2000 at an invitation-only event, a diminutive, high-tech microchip device will be available commercially. The tiny mechanism slightly smaller than a dime could be implanted under the skin. It is actually a transmitter powered by the host’s muscle and can be followed by global positioning satellites.   Click here to learn more on both of these devices.

Financial Profiling Makes Your Bank a Snoop - Ominously for privacy and freedom advocates, recently (~ December 8, 1998) the Federal Reserve Board (FRB), the Federal Depositors Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and the Office of Comptroller of Currency (OCC), published similar but slightly different notices of proposed rule-making, requiring banks to profile their customers.  Each customer would be profiled electronically and then transactions that would be deemed out of the ordinary would be flagged for further investigation.   Errant accounts could be frozen or seized until innocence was proven.  The public outcry has been loud on this one (over 6500 e-mails to the FDIC alone the first week), but the attitude of the Federal Reserve Board has been to downplay public opposition.  It should be noted that the Federal Reserve Bank (governed by the FRB) is NOT a Federal entity, but rather owned by a number of banking conglomerates.

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