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Abraham's servant prays for help in finding Isaac a wife

The Lord answers Isaac's prayer for a child

Pharaoh asks Moses to pray to stop the plagues

Moses intercedes for his people

Meditate on God's Law

Samson's prayer

Hannah prays for a child

David prays before attempting a battle

The Lord will not answer one who deliberately goes against His decrees

David fasts for his sick son

Solomon's prayer at the dedication of the temple

Elijah prays and God sends fire

Elisha prays for life

Hezekiah's prayer

Prayers of the unfaithful go unanswered

A prayer of David

Solomon's prayer

King Jehoshaphat's prayer answered

Hezekiah prays for his people

A repentant Manasseh has his prayer answered

King Artexerxes asks for prayer

Ezra's prayer over the sins of his people

Nehemiah prays for his people and city

Esther asks the Jews to fast

Job's intercessor is also his friend

On God's law, the righteous man meditates

Confess and pray while God may be found

Meditate on God's unfailing love

Prayers will be honored if cherished sin is removed

Meditate on God's law, decrees and statutes

Meditate on God's wonderful works

God detests the prayers, sacrifices and celebrations of the wicked

Hezekiah's prayer for health answered

The righteous one will intercede for sinners

God's view of fasting

God does not hear those who hang on to detestable practices

Daniel persists in praying in spite of opposition

Daniel's prayer and petition for his people

Jonah's prayer

Habakkuk's prayer in awe of God

Pray for those who persecute you

Jesus instructs His disciples on prayer and fasting

Ask and it will be given, seek and you will find, knock and it shall be opened to you

Jesus seeks a quiet place to pray

Jesus will be wherever two or three are gathered in His name

Ask, believe, claim

Jesus' prayer in Gethsemane

God's house is a house of prayer

Righteousness is not relative to the length of one's prayers

Zechariah's prayer for a child answered

Jesus' baptized with the Holy Spirit while praying

Lord, teach us to pray

Be persistent in prayer

Jesus' prayer for His disciples of all time

The believers gathered together and prayed

Apostles were devoted to prayer and the ministry

Dorcas raised to life

Peter released from prison by an angel

Paul & Silas prayed and sang in prison.

Paul heals Publius' father

The Holy Spirit intercedes for us

Be faithful in prayer

Pray for perfection

Pray in the Spirit

With thanksgiving, present your requests to God

Devote yourselves to prayer

Pray for those in authority

Jesus prayed earnestly

Pray over the sick

Let nothing hinder your prayers

Pray for those who sin

The prayers of the saints are offered to God

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