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Pharaoh's dream

Joseph's interpretation

The plagues on Egypt --God's miraculous signs

1. The plague of blood

2. The plague of frogs

3. The plague of gnats

4. The plague of flies -- God makes a distinction between Israel and Egypt

5. The plague on livestock

6. The plague of boils

7. The plague of hail

8. The plague of locusts

9. The plague of darkness

10. The plague on the firstborn

The Passover instituted

The Amalekites destroyed with the sword

God sent hornets ahead of Israel to drive away some of the inhabitants

A ransom to be paid when a census is taken

The conditions of the Covenant

Aaron stood between the living and the dead, making atonement

The sin of Peor and God's response

Israel destroys Midian

The consequences of obedience and disobedience

God's four judgments

The whole community suffers as a result of individual sin

The Philistines struck with a plague for having the ark of God

David cursed with "the sword" for having killed Uriah

A famine the result of King Saul's sin

Solomon's prayer

God reveals Himself to Elijah

Famine resulting from a siege

The Lord decrees a famine

The Lord plagues Israel because of David's sin

Solomon's prayer

God's response

Jehoshaphat claims God's promises

God stores hail for times of trouble, war and battle

The Lord will deliver His faithful followers

Israel rebels against God, forgetting the wonders displayed in Egypt

You will not fear when God is your fortress

The Lord will call for wild beasts

The Lord will respond suddenly

God calls the wild beasts to devour

Because of rebellion, God will destroy with the sword, famine and plague

Serve those whom the Lord has decreed

A prophet of God generally prophesies doom, not peace

A unique type of freedom

The Lord tells the Israelite remnant to stay in Palestine

Egypt and Elam to be destroyed

The Lord will withdraw His favor when man defiles what He has blessed

The Lord does not threaten in vain

God's four deadly judgments

Judgment against Tyre

Judgment against Sidon

An invasion of locusts

A call to repentance

An army of locusts on the day of the Lord

Rend your hearts

The Lord's answer

The Lord disciplined, but His people did not return

A famine of Truth

What God has decreed is inescapable

The Lord comes and reigns

The earth shaken by the presence of an angel

Earthquakes, famines and pestilences will be inevitable

The Spirit predicts a famine

Nothing can separate us from the love of Christ

The Revelation of Jesus Christ

The fourth seal opened

The seven trumpets (first seven plagues)

The three woes - trumpets 5 to 7

The two witnesses -- an interlude

The seven last plagues

Babylon destroyed by fire and plagues

God will destroy those who war against him

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