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Rebekah given jewelry as a sign of favor

Jacob does not want anything to hinder his communication with God.

Joseph given a richly ornamented robe

The ephod is highly decorated

The Lord had His people remove their ornaments while He judged them

The Israelites donate their jewelry and other precious assets to help build the tabernacle

Officers gave jewelry as an atonement and thank offering

Saul's conquests provided adornment for the women of Israel

Queen of Sheba brings Solomon lots of precious things

The temple was adorned with precious stones and gold

Wisdom cannot be bought with gold or jewels

Your parents' teachings are an adornment

Solomon praises his love's beauty and her adornments

The Lord will take away Israel's finery because of her sins

The Lord will adorn Zion

Brides and jewels are closely associated

Why adorn yourself before destruction?

Wealth and jewels will not save one on the day of God's wrath

God blesses Israel, yet she uses the blessings to seduce other nations

Israel would be stripped of her finery

Israel seduces the surrounding nations

Lucifer (Satan) was adorned in heaven, yet sinned because of his beauty

Israel forgot God and decked herself with rings and jewelry

God's people will sparkle like jewels in a crown

The prodigal son welcomed back home and into favor by his father

Dress modestly

Do not discriminate between rich and poor

Beauty should come from a pure & reverent life, from a gentle and quiet spirit

Babylon adorns herself with jewels and gold

God adorns His city with gold, pearls and precious stones

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