Dear Class Member,


I ask that you please do not gloss or skim over this message as it may be the most important one you will ever receive.  It will likely affect your eternal destiny.  Please prayerfully read it, the attachment and information via the link I’ve included.


As I share with you the following attachment, I am filled with excitement, yet somewhat with sadness of heart.  Excitement that the events foretold in scripture and though Ellen G. White and that I’ve studied and shared for years are beginning to come true.  Sadness that so few people, even within the church, are really ready or even interested in getting ready, both spiritually and mentally, for what is to come.


Firstly, as nearly all believers can see, the events of the end are right upon us.  The changing of the finances of our country and the world in general with the resulting crash of the market, the depravity urged upon the masses by the gay community (destroying the sacredness of the marriage institution that came out of the Creation week), the sorcery/superheroes/idols pushed at us by the movie and music industry, the violence of the drug cartels, the Islamists and others, the disrespect and irreverence in many worship services and to my dismay in a recent service where unnecessary satire was used (how is that showing reverence and awe to our Creator?) and this extreme drought that the country is experiencing (the worst since 1895 as of several weeks ago).  The End is very near and probation for the Seventh-Day Adventist Church Members is rapidly drawing to a close (judgment starts at the house of God). I'll give more detailed information on that later in this email.


By the way, I will not use the words, “I think” when I am giving a clear repetition of what God has said through His messengers.  I will write in the definite, the emphatic, as factual or going to be fact.  If there is some speculation, I will indicate such using terms such as “I believe …” or “most likely.”


To give some background on me which some may not know, I am the compiler of the Sola Scriptura series, Editor and webmaster of the website and author of Revelation for the Wise.  I have served as an evangelist in India and active local-church team member for other evangelists including Kenneth Cox, Brian McMahon (Amazing Facts evangelist), Shawn Boonstra of It is Written and Terry Zull in Romania.  I have served inmates for two years in prison ministries at a max security prison in Oregon and am currently a volunteer for the New Life Bible School with around 50 active inmate bible studies going.  Nothing is more exciting than leading others to Christ and joining with Him in accomplishing His purpose on earth!


In my compilation work, I have compiled thousands of bible texts on various subjects (this was before online computer searches made it easy for everyone).  I have been a student of Ellen White’s visions and am grateful to my wife for having given me the EGW CD-ROM which makes it easy to find her writings on various subjects.  I have also studied the writings of Enoch (which a lot of the Bible quotes directly or indirectly – ask me if you wish a copy) and other messengers.  I have gotten a good feel for what is heaven-sent and truly scriptural and what is not.  There is no passion I have that supersedes talking about God.  You can ask my wife and sons.


As many of you are aware, since 2006 I have watched and then become intimately involved with For My People Ministries.  This is a ministry that God has set up to call those who are they, the 144,000, to prepare them for the events to come.  The messages come through vivid dreams to an SDA elder Ernest Ray Knoll, whose name (meaning a sincere ray of light beaming from a hill) was chosen by God before he was born.  He is to be the last prophetic messenger to the SDA Church, bearing messages from God through Jesus and His angel, the Herald, who we finally found out was none other than Gabriel (I am not teasing - this is serious).  I have had the humble privilege of proofing many of the dreams before they are posted and sitting on the Ministry’s board.  And nothing has driven me more to my knees than these messages of reproof, warning, to confess and repent of any sins and hidden sins that we have not yet brought before the throne of mercy. God is a God of the infinite, infinite love, infinite justice and infinite power, but He does not have infinite patience, nor is He to be treated with contempt as many do now (and I think of the atheists in California who have started an advertising campaign against Him).  We approach His throne with reverence, awe, fear and trembling, with our only confidence being in Jesus Christ and His robe of righteousness.  Even angels veil their faces and do not touch the holy ground in the Almighty’s presence.


From the last dream message (just posted), keeping any money in the stock market will be a gamble (this was prophesied on July 16th), our dollars will drop in value, government will take our savings and retirement accounts to try to solve their financial woes, droughts will turn in major fires, there will be more flooding, extremes of cold and heat, and a major vial of God’s wrath is about to be poured on the earth (not one of the last plagues, but devastations around the entire globe). There is also coming a horrific event.  The pouring out of the vial will mark a certain point in time, a marker for the end of probation for certain key named individuals.


When a similar dream, marking the end of probation for a certain individual, was given on Feb 5, 2010 giving a date and a shaking event (symbolized by a vial shaped like a test tube placed on February 27, 2010), this was fulfilled by a major earthquake off the coast of Chile (see  Hundreds lost their lives and homes and the weather patterns of the earth were permanently changed.  This has resulted in the more extreme winters (remember the heavy snows of the past winter?), the more extreme summers (the record setting scorching heat that much of the world is experiencing) and the more tumultuous springs (the record setting tornados we had in April).  When Jesus and His angel Gabriel talk, I think we should listen. Wouldn’t you agree?


As mentioned above, another horrific event is going to take place shortly.  While Ernie (as he prefers to be called) knows the event, he is not allowed to say yet.  I suspect it may be a major earthquake off the coast of California with a resulting enormous tsunami wave which was shown to him in an earlier dream. It will devastate the entire Los Angeles area.  It also could be the balls of fire (asteroid impacts) as foretold in the Seven Trumpet sequence.  One only knows that one will recognize it when it happens.


Whenever that horrific event happens, those who were the primary detractors of his ministry, if they have not repented, will be sealed in their doom, regardless of any ministry they may have had.  They have had many rebukes and corrections and if they refuse to repent, they will not rise at the first resurrection.  We don’t have a date for this horrific event, but the last one occurred just 22 days after the message was given.  I suspect this one might be out a little longer as there has to be enough time to circulate the messages and make sure those to whom the rebukes are going out to are aware of them.  Here are just a few sample paragraphs from the latest dream message:


Jesus shares how in the last dream I was told of the wrath of God and how it will be poured out like thick liquid over the surface of the earth. He reveals that when that occurs, it will be the last opportunity for the named individuals to repent. If they refuse to do this, their door of probation will close, and they will be raised in the second resurrection for their final judgment. Those who humbly repent will receive God’s mercy.


We stop walking and Jesus points to the right. I view a representation of what I know will be in the future. I see a tall angel pick up what resembles a large clay pot with a large handle on each side. He begins pouring out a very thick liquid that falls over the surface of the earth in equal amounts worldwide. When the angel has poured out the last drop, he returns to the heavenly Father to report that he has completed his task. When I look back at the surface of the earth, I see all forms of devastation. It does not occur at the same time, but rather in succession. Fires consume much in their path. There will continue to be hurricanes and tornados, droughts in certain areas and flooding elsewhere. I witness more of extreme heat and cold. Many people die; many give up on life because there is no way of providing for themselves, and they no longer ask for God to provide for them. Suddenly the entire scene ends. Jesus reminds me that what I just witnessed was shown to me before, and I faithfully provided the warning messages so His people could prepare their hearts. Those who pay close attention to the warnings will prepare.


I now watch as a horrific scene plays out in front of me. I ask Jesus when this will happen. He replies that this is why I have been called to be the final messenger. These are the final, short moments of this earth’s history. This is why I have been told repeatedly to give a message of repentance.


I am shown that this earth is at the end of its path. Why then are many storing up funds to continue living on this earth? There are those who throw money away by investing, gambling, or purchasing lottery tickets in hopes of winning.


Jesus reveals that now is the time to support the giving of the messages, because the money that many have now will soon be taken from them as the governments try to fix the worldwide monetary problems. Now is the time to place available funds into the Father’s work. Soon new laws will make this difficult to do [Editor’s note: perhaps a removal of the charitable contribution deduction?]. A new law is about to be enacted that will change the lives of many. The faith of many will be shaken. However, God’s true church will continue. It will shake hard, but it will stand. Jesus stresses that His church and His people will be few. In God’s mercy, many will be laid to rest and will not go through the horrible times just at the end of this world’s path. In comparison, the times are easy now. Jesus points up to the angel who stands ready to pour out the thick liquid. Now is the time for repentance and for each to do their financial part.


Probation for the current SDA Church members will be closing shortly as well.  A shaking will occur and many will leave the church, leaving it for the true worshippers of the one true God.


The subject of this Sabbath School Quarterly is of utmost importance as worship of our Almighty God is one of the final tests.  Proper worship (including reverence, conduct in the sanctuary, music styles, attire, etc.) is clearly addressed in God’s messages through the dreams.  I pray that you will take the time to read them via the website.


You can read my introduction via this link.


If you would prefer the dreams in book form, you can request them online via Ernie's website.  I encourage you to order the Creeping Compromise book as well.  All materials via his site are free to those who ask.


One of biggest subjects in the dreams is preparation for the end, through confession, repentance and a changing of one’s lifestyle to reflect that repentance and a personal revival of godliness.  In short, "character perfection", so that when others see us, they see Jesus. 


Don’t make the mistake of thinking Jesus was meek and mild (as some Christmas songs suggest) and that is what we are to become like.  Rather the Bible connotation of meekness is humility towards self, and zealousness towards God. This is what Moses was and Jesus was.  Jesus was humble towards Himself, but zealous for God, and His purpose was the salvation of souls.  I suspect our perfection has less to do with wimpy-ness as some view Christians, and more with zealousness and passion for the salvation of souls. And when God’s people have confessed and turned from their sins and their desires for this world, and become zealous for the salvation of souls, that is more likely what constitutes Christian perfection.


God does not ask us to do anything (such as "Be ye perfect") without giving us the power to do so.  Do not be swayed by the emphatic arguments of some who say such is impossible!  God does not torment us with giving us an impossible goal.  He is looking for people with faith and trust in Him.  The real issue to do the work of confession and repentance, and so few people are willing to do that.


Remember that God’s definition of perfection is not ours!  We will never recognize ourselves to be perfect.  It is God alone that makes that determination.


After proofing the latest dream, I had a hard time sleeping, excitement perhaps.  After 2 hours, God woke me up and had me write the attached document on "How to Repent!"


The document speaks for itself.  Time is short. 


Read, study and pray like you never have before.  It may be just a matter of weeks before probation closes.  We are in the countdown sequence!  Here’s a message from the Dream “The Hourglass”.


In my dream, I am looking at a small treasure box containing a precious gift that everyone should treasure—the gift of each moment of time. I lift the box lid and see many small hourglasses. In the middle of these is one large hourglass that is three times larger. Picking it up, I notice it has a glass top and bottom with three glass pillars. Inside the hourglass, the final grains of sand are falling. I watch until the very last grain is about to fall through the hole, but instead it begins swirling around then bounces back and forth on the glass. I hear a very faint tinkling sound as the grain hits the side of the glass, as if it is trying to prolong falling through. It bounces faster and faster until at last it drops to the bottom.


All this time, the Herald has been standing next to me. Calling me by my heavenly name, he reaches over and turns the hourglass on its side. I now see the words “Seventh-day Adventist Members” on each of the three pillars. The Herald explains that probation closes for Seventh-day Adventists before those of other faiths, because of the great light they have had. The last grain falling through the hourglass represents the end of their probation. A large flat object like a door now falls onto the hourglass, shattering it into many pieces. The door to their “ark” has closed.


The Herald says that just before the close of probation for Seventh-day Adventists, every disrespectful form of worship will be demonstrated in their church services. Those who have been found worthy to receive God’s mark will proceed onward to teach His messages. Those outside the closed door will meet with God’s judgments, because of their unfaithfulness. There are so few who hear God’s voice in the messages given by His messengers.


Prayerfully read the attachment and then the information via the link above. Time is short!


May you all be blessed and have a crown of life filled with many stars representing those you led to God.


Please pass this message on to people you feel would be open-minded enough to accept the truths shared above.


Your friend and bible teacher


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